Rotary Club of Boracay

Rotary International District 3850

Rotary Mobile Library



A)  Introduction:
        The birth of RC Boracay on July 2, 1997 brought with it a promise of great things to come for the island. After all, the club members are professional men and women who work as volunteers to improve the  quality of life in their home and world community. The group is one of more than 29,000 Rotary clubs in more than 160 countries. Rotary is an organization of some 1.2 million business and  professional men and women that provides humanitarian service and helps further international goodwill and peace. The Rotary motto is “Service Above Self.”  RC Boracay covers the whole of Boracay Island, known worldwide as having one of the best beaches in the world, and the nearby municipalities of Nabas, Malay and Buruanga.

        RC Boracay, in addition to community service and fellowship, focused its attention on environmental protection.  On its 13th year, aside from the mentioned areas, the club’s main thrust is on literacy and health.  Some of our past projects include, building of daycare centers, a kindergarten building, and homes for the homeless; distribution of vitamin A supplements to Grade 1 students; book donations; medical missions’ daycare equipment and wheelchair distribution; information dissemination regarding environment protection and animal welfare; free seminars regarding various topics.


B)  Project Overview

The goal of a Mobile Library is to reach out and bring library services to children and adults who can’t get to a public library.  It will bring services to senior facilities, rural schools, pre-schools, and rural communities. Its aim is to provide the resources and services needed to open doors to life-long learning, to fulfill the citizen’s (especially the children’s) information needs, and to offer and support cultural and recreational activities.

A Mobile Library is an ideal alternative to a public library building in the island since land and construction costs are high.  Information and educational materials will be made available to the citizens on a regular schedule. 

The ultimate goal is to have at least two (2) units.  One will serve the three (3) barangays on Boracay Island, while the second will serve the 14 other barangays in Malay mainland.

C)  Components

 The Mobile Library will be refurbished and will have shelves for the books and chairs for the students to use wherever it is parked.

For resource materials, the club will partner with the Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc. and other similar private entities.  They will provide materials such as educational cd’s tackling various subjects for different grade levels.  Various books and reference materials donated by other NGO’s and individuals will be made available for use by the youth. 

We intend to hire staff that will have basic librarian skills and can also conduct storytelling sessions to the younger children.    In order to promote our country’s literature, we will seek to get books about our culture and traditions.

The Mobile Library will also be a venue for basic computer education to the out of school youth who are interested in learning new skills.

In order for the Mobile Library to be self sufficient, we will be including services such as desktop publishing, cellphone reloading and the like to earn enough for gasoline expenses.



D)  Cost and Support

Purchase of two (2) secondhand vehicles                     PhP 300,000

Conversion of vehicles                                                      300,000

Salary of Employee, PhP7,000 x 12 months                          84,000               

 Parking fee,   PhP3,000 x 12months                                   36,000

Incidentals, other expenses                                              200,000

Second Employee                                                               84,000 

                                                        TOTAL         PhP1,004,000


** Costing may vary. 2nd vehicle and employee optional depending on availability of funds.


Target Source of funds after initial run from 1st donors:

  • Other Rotary Clubs
  • Our District
  • Matching Grant
  • Others